Summer Competition Hawkin2H

Hawkin2H: Mixed girls and boys up to school year 4 (10 and under). Parents and other family/friends welcome. 
Games played on a quarter field with 2 X 25 minute halves.
 7 to 9-a-side with a maximum of 2 adults on the field at any time per team (as agreed between the 2 teams). A team of 10 would be ideal to cover for absences.

Home named team is required to provide one umpire. Registration Fee $450 per team for the full first 10 weeks. Post Christmas Summer Competition is $360 per team.

* Not enough numbers for an entire team? Please send an email to turf@southernriverhockey.asn.au and we will try to add members or add you to a team!


  • Pre Christmas Summer Hockey: Monday 8th Oct 2018 –> Friday 14th Dec 2018 (10 rounds) 
  • Post Christmas Summer Hockey: Monday 7th Jan 2019 –> Friday 1st Mar 2019 (8 rounds) 

The competition take place every Friday Evening.

Note: Days and times are preliminary only and are subject to change depending on number of teams.

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Registrations close Friday 28th September 2018 for the Pre Christmas Summer Competition and Friday 28th December 2018 for the Post Christmas Summer Competition

More details about the Summer Competition Rules for Hawkin2H: Summer Hockey Competition Rules Hawkin2H



1) Registration fees: The Registration Fees should be paid to ”Southern River Hockey Club Inc” Bank Account BSB 633-000 A/C 1928 07174. Please use ‘’Pre – and/or Post Christmas Summer Competition’’ AND your ‘’Team Name’’ as the Reference.

  • Pre Christmas Competition: Hawkin2H – $450. Juniors – $500. Masters – $500. Mixed Seniors – $500.
  • Post Christmas Competition: Hawkin2H – $360. Juniors – $400. Masters – $400. Mixed Seniors- $400.

There is the opportunity to pay the entire amount all up front for joining the Pre- and Post Christmas Summer Hockey Competition (18 weeks).

Hawkin2H – $810 in total. Juniors, Masters and Mixed Seniors- $900 in total. 

Registrations fees will be due before start of Competition, Friday 6thOctober 2018, for the Pre-Christmas Competition and Friday 4thJanuary 2019 for the Post-Christmas Competition.

2) Change members: You can change members during the competition. Fees are charged per team and of course any particular payment arrangements between team members is the teams responsibility.

3) Schedule: The exact days and times of all the games will be known once the registrations have closed. By then we can make a schedule and know how many teams will join the competition. If you have a particular preference please note this in the comments section of the registration form and we will try to accommodate you if possible.

4) Game cancellation: If your game gets cancelled due to bad weather, the organisers will endeavour to reschedule the game. Need to say that this may not be possible in every situation. Refunds will only be considered in extraordinary circumstances.