Summer Hockey Competition

If the Winter Competition is not enough for you, we have the perfect solution for you! Join the Summer Hockey Competition at Southern River Hockey Club!

All games will be held at  ‘’High Velocity Stadium’’ on our brand new turf on weekday evenings.

The bar and kitchen will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS so why not relax and enjoy yourself after the game with family and friends.

  • Pre Xmas Competition: Monday 8th of October 2018 – Friday 14th of December 2018 (10 rounds)
  • Post Xmas Competition: Monday 7th of January 2019 – Friday 1st of March 2019 (8 rounds)

Nominations are now OPEN for the Post Xmas Competition and will close on Friday 4th January 2019.

Click on the category below to nominate your team NOW!!!



Monday     Tuesday  Wednesday            Thursday       Friday                  
Masters    Mixed Seniors   Juniors
Summer Hockey General Competition Rules


More information about the categories.                                                               

  • Juniors                                                                               
  • Mixed Seniors           
  • Open Age Women                                                 
  • Masters Men 

Please email our Facilities Manager for further information and/or questions.