Walking Hockey

Summer Competition Walking Hockey

Open for all ages

Games are played on a half field with 2 x 25 minute halves. 7-a-side.
Dates:                                       Week  of 13th January 2020
Friday night depending on teams registrations
Game Times:                        6:00, 7:00, 8:00
Umpires:                                Teams to supply OR Umpire for hire details will be made available.


Some rules to guide the Summer 7’s competition
1) A Team Coordinator will liaise with the competition organisers to ensure that the necessary information is communicated to the team. This includes information about game times, game rules, umpiring and theme weeks dress. They should also collect money and pay the registration fee on behalf of the team.
2) Team fees should be paid by the team coordinator to the Southern River Hockey club. Payment details are Southern River Hockey Club Inc BSB 633-000 A/C 162907174, or payment can be made at the bar/canteen through EFTPOS only. Please use ‘’Team Name’’ as the reference.
3) Team members can make arrangements with the team coordinator for the collection and payment of the registration fees
4) If teams cannot arrange an umpire the coordinator should consult the list of umpires that the club will make available. The rate for umpiring summer hockey is $20 a game. This cost could be shared between the teams playing on the night.
5) If for some unforeseen reason a game is cancelled, the summer hockey organisers will try their best to reschedule the game, however if this is not possible, a refund for the game cannot be guaranteed.
6) If registrations for a competition exceeds the maximum team number of 12 teams, on a specific evening earmarked for that competition, the organisers will attempt to adjust the other team categories to play on a different night. Teams will be consulted about the changes. There is no guarantee that adjustments will be made, but SRHC will try their best to accommodate all registered teams.
7) Players are still to wear similar coloured shirts to identify themselves as a team during theme weeks.
8) Protective hockey gear is still recommended during the games.
9) Southern River Hockey Club pays insurance premiums for the winter hockey season, for junior and senior players registered with the club on Sports TG ,as part of a wider Hockey WA policy. This covers those players for the whole year for any hockey activity, however it is very limited as it doesn’t cover any costs where a Medicare refund is available. Other Hockey Clubs may have similar arrangements for its members, so it is recommended that you check what they are if this situation applies to you. If a player only plays the Summer Hockey league, then they would not be registered for insurance purposes. Team Coordinators will be responsible for maintaining emergency contact details for their players in the event of an accident.