Hockey WA have received the following information from Hockey Australia explaining exactly how the HA Player Levy ($42 Seniors/$30 Juniors) has been devised with regards to Player Registration into the new GameDay platform.

Each participant (across Australia) will contribute $12 to the Hockey Australia Player Insurance Scheme. Click on the following link to see the InfoGraphic outlining what this scheme involves – National Insurance Program Flyer 2019.

The remainder of the Hockey Australia Levy is devised to help assist with the following four areas of focus from Hockey Australia:

  1. Engage recreational hockey consumers to grow participation of the game, including through new game formats.
  2. Drive sport entertainment events that capture the nation’s imagination and raises awareness of the game. These include the introduction of the Pro League, a revitalised Australian Hockey League and other events.
  3. Unlock “One Hockey” with all state and territory bodies working together to deliver efficient, relevant and streamlined services across Australia.
  4. Become digitally agile with contemporary digital assets that give players, spectators and partners instant access to relevant and engaging content.

When you click on the first link below for player registration you will be directed to the Gameday Platform and will require a credit/debitcard to complete your registration. You will not be able to submit your application until payment for the player levy is processed.

Please note that the player levy referred to above is sent directly to Hockey Australia and does not form a part of your club membership fees. You will be invoiced separately for your 2019 playing fees and details of the current fee schedule is available here.

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