Training Schedules

2017 TRAINING INFORMATION for Seniors and Juniors (updated 11 September 2017)

Pre-season training for our senior turf teams is already well under way. All players wishing to be considered for selection in the Top Squads’s for both men and women are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Grass training for both Seniors and Juniors will commence at the SRHC from Thursday 9th March. Please note that during March the grounds are shared between the hockey and cricket club so players must keep away from the cricket nets, cricket wickets and surrounding areas. All training during March is to be conducted at the western end of the fields towards the soccer grounds.

All remaining turf training times and schedules are available below:

2017 Top Squad Men Turf Training/Finals Allocation (as at 5/9/17)

Training – Monday 28/08/2017 – Melville Turf 6-7pm
Semi -Final 1 – Friday 01/09/2017 – Guildford Turf 7.45pm
Training – Wednesday 06/09/2017 – PHS2 5.30pm
Preliminary Final – Friday 08/09/2017 – PHS2 7.45pm
Training – Tuesday 12/09/2017  – PHS1 6-7pm
Grand Final – Friday 15/09/2017 – PHS1 6.30pm

2017 Top Squad Women Turf Training Allocation and Promotion Relegation/Finals Series  (as at 27/8/17)

Training – Tuesday 29/08/2017 – PHS2 6-7pm
Promotion/Relegation Rd 1 – Thursday 31/08/2017 – PHS1 8.30pm
Promotion/Relegation Rd 2 – Sunday 03/09/2017 – PHS1 5.45pm
Training – Tuesday 05/09/2017 – PHS2 6-7pm
Promotion/Relegation Rd 3 – Thursday 07/09/2017 – PHS1 8.30pm
Preliminary Final – Sunday 10/09/2017 – PHS2 12.00pm
Training – Tuesday 12/09/2017  – PHS2 6-7pm
Grand Final – Saturday 16/09/2017 – PHS2 12.00pm

2017 SRHC Senior-Junior Training & Fixture Calendar V1.0

Click here for a detailed map of the women’s pre-season training locations.