Umpiring Duties

Team Managers, Coaches and Captains, please note that most senior teams have obligations to umpire games. Umpiring Allocations for senior grades will be available here for the current season. Also of note is the following penalties outlined in the Hockey WA Affiliation rules that apply for failure to provide umpires where allocated:

Failure of a club to supply umpire(s) for senior and junior grades (unless otherwise stipulated);

13.5.1 First offence of the allocated team failing to supply one (1) umpire – $75.00 and 0.1 point (refer to Section 1 – Definitions)
13.5.2 Second and subsequent offences of the allocated team failing to supply umpires – $100.00 and 0.2 points per umpire (refer to Section 1 – Definitions)


Umpiring allocations for 2019 are available on the Hockey WA website – click here.

Any players who are required to umpire and do not umpire will have to find an umpire to cover their responsibility and pay them if required.