VIP Club Card

Senior members who pay all fees due in full on/or before Registration Day each year will be entitled to receive a VIP Club Card.  The VIP Club Card entitles you to a 10% discount on various items based on the length of time you have maintained your VIP status. To maintain your VIP status and move up the membership levels listed below you must meet the above conditions over consecutive years.

Members who elect to pay their fees by the direct debit arrangement and sign up on/or before Registration Day each year will also be eligible for the VIP Card at Bronze Level.  This is the highest level attainable if choosing the direct debit option.  Only members who elect to pay in full each year prior to Registration Day will be eligible to move up the VIP Levels.

The VIP Club Card also allows you to run a daily tab for the bar and kitchen, based on the membership level you are at. All tabs must be finalised at the end of each day prior to leaving the Club. This facility is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and any members who fail to settle their tab on a regular basis may have this facility removed.

VIP Membership Levels

VIP Member Level Discount
1 – 2 years Bronze 10% off all bar purchases
3 – 5 years Silver 10% off all bar and kitchen purchases
6 – 9 years Gold 10% off all bar, kitchen and uniform purchases
10 + years Platinum 10% off all bar, kitchen, uniforms and membership fees