Friday 28th September 2018 Senior Wind-Up

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: meme en tekst

Help us close out season 2018 by celebrating the year that was in style at the clubrooms. With our theme Cartoon Heroes we are looking forward to seeing all the different costumes you can come up with. We ask that you dress up, it’s more fun that way. Dinner will be provided as normal and tickets are $50. The night will run from 7pm till 12am. Tickets available from the club on Thursday nights after dinner from the kitchen.

Lots of fun for all ages with competitions to suit everyone on our brand new turf!


 – Pre Christmas Summer hockey: Monday 8th Oct 2018 –> Friday 14th Dec 2018 (10 rounds)
 – Post Christmas Summer hockey: Monday 7th Jan 2019 –> Friday 1st Mar 2019 (8 rounds)

Hawkin2H: Friday

Juniors: Thursday (and Friday)                                            

Mixed Seniors: Wednesday (and Tuesday )                                

Masters: Monday (and Tuesday)

Note: Days and times are preliminary only and are subject to change depending on number of teams.

More information:

Summer Hockey General Competition Rules

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