Covid-19 Update

Unless otherwise advised by our governing body (Hockey WA), training will continue this week. All training days and times will remain the same as usual.

Please be vigilant in wearing a masks if you are attending but not training as per the state restrictions still in place for another 4 days. Masks are to be worn at all times unless actively training, so to and from cars and only off when training. Please be sure to check in using the Safe WA app and sanitise hands on arrival.

No people other than those training are to attend the ground so parents and/or siblings must remain in the car or drop off and pick up only.

Upon completion of training please leave the facility unless otherwise required to remain for meetings etc.

This week the club is not to be used as a social venue but purely for training and coaching purposes.

The Club Rooms will only be open for toilets and changerooms.
Bar and Kitchen is Closed

In regards to games etc we will await to hear from HWA but there are to be no crowds at Friday evening games and we await further announcements as to how this will impact weekend games.