Return to Training – 25 May 2020

It is with great pleasure that the committee advises our members that we have approval to return to training at both our grass and turf facilities from Monday 25th May 2020.

In addition to the Hockey WA Return to Framework (HWA Return to Training Framework) please find attached the following approved SRHC COVID-19 documents for your information:

You will receive confirmation of your training details from your Coach and/or Team Manager. This will happen through your team WhatsApp group. If you are a registered senior member or a parent/caregiver of a junior member and you are not already a member of a team WhatsApp group then please make contact with one of the following committee members to ensure that you are placed in a group for training/communication purposes:

When attending a training session you will be asked to register your full name and a mobile contact number with the Coach or Team Manager. This will need to be done every time you attend training. Registration at any training session after Monday 25th May 2020 will be taken as your acknowledgement and acceptance of all the above documents and that participation in training is at your own risk.

Remember that you can still do the following to support our efforts to assist with reducing the spread of COVID-19 at SRHC and the wider community:

Hockey WA is currently working on their revised program for the start of the 2020 competition and clubs are providing feedback on this over this weekend. At this stage it is likely that fixtures will commence either the last week of June or fist week of July and extend into early October.

We know that most of our members are ‘keen as mustard’ to be returning to the field for training and that the start of the season can’t come soon enough! However, we also understand if you have had a change of heart due to the significant delays and impact caused by COVID-19.  If you have registered for the 2020 season but are no longer intending on playing then we ask you to make immediate contact at so we can remove you from our list. This is vitally important so that we can provide revised team nominations, if necessary, to Hockey WA in the coming weeks.

The above training plan will remain in force until further notice and further updates will be provided as new information is released by Hockey WA and the State Government.

If you have any further queries in relation to the above please do not hesitate to contact us at