Southern River Hockey Club Vol.4 Ed 13


The club has nominated and been granted a “finals day” on September 5th 2009. We will have eight games at our grounds including some of our own teams. Following on from the outstanding success from last year, the day promises to be a successful showcase for our club as well as giving some of our teams a “home ground” advantage as they strive for success. The day will feature the famous “alfresco” set up complete with umbrellas, music and a vibrant atmosphere. All members are encouraged to attend and bring your guests to enjoy our magnificent facilities. If you are one of the unlucky ones not to be competing in the finals series, please try and make time to support the teams that are. After all we are one mighty club at Southern River and we all bask in the glory and disappointment that may await any of our teams. The day begins with the first series of 4 games at 2-00pm and then progresses to the 4 matches scheduled for 3-30pm. Thanks to the hard working bar and kitchen staff food and refreshments will be on offer all day. Please help us to make this day an “advertisement” for our club. We received tremendous feedback from last years efforts and was instrumental in attracting new members to the club this year as well as enhancing our strong reputation with HockeyWA as a go ahead club with an abundance of energy and initiative. “GO HAWKS”





Mens Metro 3 Black

Mens Metro 3 Black


Mens Metro 3 Gold

Mens Metro 3 Gold


Mens Metro 3 White

Mens Metro 3 White


Mens Metro 4

Mens Metro 4

At this stage with 2 games to complete the home and away season we are not sure of the numbers of teams that will compete in finals. We are confident that the Womens 1 side (Venue-YMCC) will be there as well as our top two mens sides (Venue-Turf). We are a chance in the Mens 3’s and Mens 5’s as well as junior B10 and B08.


Ladies 1s 08/08/09

Coach: Gail Cracknell (stand-in)

Captain: Karyn

Southern River 13 vs Whitfords


Ladies 1s 08/08/09

Coach: Gail Cracknell (stand-in)

Captain: Karyn

Southern River 13 vs Whitfords


We were struggling to find a keeper or kicking back just so that we could run onto the field. Who came to our rescue? Candice Airey. Even though I am sure the keeping job was taken on with reluctance, Candice did a superb job and did not let a single attacker get within coowee of the goals. She was well supported by Tilly and Sass in the first half, and Tilly and Paula in the second half at fullback, whose touches (no we didn’t count them on one hand) kept the ball completely out of the Hawks defence and returned to the forward line where an awaiting Karyn was on FIRE. With what seemed like a million possessions and five killer goals and if that wasn’t bad enough for Whitfords the rest of the forward line was also hot to trot with nearly everyone getting a piece of the action. This was a great forward display of how to move the ball around and block in defender hit outs and at every opportunity slam the ball into the goals which is exactly how we obtained our biggest score YET!!

A big big thanks to Candice and Tilly for helping us out.

Goal Scorers: Karyn 5, Kate 2, Chris 2, Michelle 2, Tracey 1, Sass 1,


Ladies 1s 15/08/09

Coach: Fred Keane

Captain: Karyn

Southern River 6 vs Bay Union


Whoever said this was going to be an easy game was really misinformed or did we make it harder for ourselves than we needed too? Bay Union were definitely out of the blocks fast and were trying everything to capitalise on a lethargic, half asleep Hawks team and it was just as well Miranda, Chris, Jessica and Nat were awake early on in the Hawks defensive half. With Miranda, Jacinta and Sass working closely together on the left the Hawks game has now opened up utilising both sides of the field and more drive is coming into the Hawks forward line from the left with some precision passes being bulleted into the D from Sass and Jacinta was up and about scoring two goals to open our account. A big welcome back to Ang, who didn’t seem to have lost any touch putting in another goal against her tally (except for that one wild swing). Karyn was as usual strong over the ball and had an opportunity to take a flick when a certain goal was denied by a defenders leg’s on the goal line, which of course she converted superbly. Tracey was as usual strong over the ball but was unaware of the rule changes where players are permitted to grab your arm and drag you off the ball. Kate was as usual impressive with her speed and agility and I’m pretty sure the ball is now keeping up with her. Michelle was unfortunate not to get a free hit when a player muscled in front of her and then raised her stick splitting Michelle just above the eye, just as well first aider Gail was on the side lines to patch her up… That will be a nice look for work!! Well done to all players with everyone contributing and taking on the new positions they were given with enthusiasm. A Big thanks to Jessica Heath for helping us out and a big thanks and appreciation to Fred for taking timeout to coach and support us.

Goal Scorers: Jacinta 2, Paula 1, Karyn 1, Ang 1, Jessica 1

Surrounded by Wolves

By Deb Clearwater

Saturday 15th August saw Southern River Gold girls travel to Swanbourne to take on Westside Wolves on their home ground. The weather storms that had been predicted for that afternoon came through early so although it was cold there was no rain or hail to contend with just a pack of hungry wolves.

Southern River Gold coming off a 4 – 0 win over Canning last weekend were confident of a strong showing this weekend. Although it was always going to be a hard task to beat the undefeated Wolves on their home ground they were confident of putting up a strong fight.

Lou had to make some changes to field positions as Amy was away sick so she had to move Chris up into Left Inner and moved Deb from Right wing to Left. In making these changes she hoped that it would spread our strength across the field and give us a few more options. Jo took up the Centre Half position which she played so well last week. We also were lucky to have Tash back in goals for us after some time away.

Lou won the toss and Tash choose to defend the West End of the ground. Wolves started strongly attacking our goal from the first hit out. Southern River Gold was quickly on the defence doing everything they could to keep the ball out of the goal. Annie, Lou and Tash did a fantastic job in the face of an organised Wolf pack. Southern River Gold defended well after numerous short corners were awarded to Westside Wolves.

It would be fair to say that on the few occasions Southern River Gold did get the ball for a run up the field, they were quickly chased down by a very fit and very skilled Wolves pack. Now I keep referring to the Wolves as a pack and it is not meant as an insult it is simply how it felt playing them. They were very organised and when you got past one of their players there were always 2 or 3 more there waiting to pounce on the ball.

Southern River Gold put up an excellent fight and kept Westside Wolves scoreless after the first 20 minutes but it was only a matter of time before they broke through as there was constant attack after attack on our goal. The first goal was a classic goal coming off a short corner and getting in behind the goalie, sheer numbers saw the ball over the line.

Jo and Deb then swapped positions to give Jo a breather after the constant defensive play. Deb wanting to try something different swapped with Robyn for the hit out and dummied a pass back to Robyn and took off up the field herself, this caught Westside off guard but they quickly regrouped. Deb hit the ball out towards the wing to get clear of the defenders but unfortunately hit it too far and turned the ball over for Westside to come back on the attack again.

Half time saw the score 3 – 0 to Westside Wolves. Southern River Gold came of frustrated and a little deflated. But a peep talk from Phil (Jo’s husband) got them revved up and keen to get back on the field.

Unfortunately, Westside Wolves came back even stronger in the second half scoring a number of unanswered goals. No matter what Southern River Gold tried there was always a Wolves player there to stop them. Phil tried making some positional changes to help the girls who were now getting tired and a little deflated but although these changes saw a couple of runs from Southern River Gold it was still not enough to get them on the scoreboard or stop the now stream of goals coming from the Westside Wolves.

Southern River Gold can be proud of their efforts against the top of the ladder team who have scored 90 goals this season. And to confirm this some Westside Wolves players were overheard talking to each other during the game saying “We’ve had to work really hard for these goals today”.

Although the loss was a come down from last week, I am sure the Southern River Gold girls will regroup taking advantage of the bye this weekend and come out fighting to secure one last win from their final game.

Go the Hawks!

Metro 2 gold match report

By Barry Romaro 16/8/2009

Southern River threes V’s Old Guildford


We are fast approaching the end of the year and the finals are looming for possibly five sides from Southern River and we want to be one of those sides.

We were playing the side in fourth spot today with us in fifth spot and we would like to beat them so we don’t have to rely on other results from other matches to make the finals.

This game was a real battle we are very evenly matched sides. I am not sure that it was a great game to watch but we battled from one end of the field to the other. Neither side scored a goal today but there were plenty of shots on goals especially from us. We just were not quite good enough with our finishing today as the game was ours for the taking on quite a few occasions but Old Guildford were rock solid on their last line of defense. Our short corners did not come off this week but I know we will be on target next week. Next week we face Curtin and with Troy unavailable and possibly Gibbo out with a quad strain its going to be a hard one. Thanks to the guys who gave me a hand post game as I had to leave very early this week I appreciate it.

Also thankyou to all our supporters once again it was great to have supporters who will stand in the freezing wind and rain and give us such great encouragement. I hope all of us can attend training more often as we still need to improve just that little bit more if we want to take part in the finals


Best players: John Gradisen 3 votes

Clive Reader 2 votes

Barry Romaro/David Gibb 1 vote



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  1. Congratulations Jess what a fantastic acheivement – first internationl representative, we are VERY PROUD Of you. You have great talent and skill and you deserve your spot in the team. WELL DONE!
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