Southern River Hockey Club Vol.4 Ed 1

The Hawks remember Jeremy Hansord and dedicate this edition to his memory.

The Southern River Hockey Club takes this opportunity to welcome all players and supporters to the 2009 season. After an extensive pre season and aggressive recruitment drive the Hawks are ready to tackle the year with a mixture of returning players and new members. As the club enters its 4th year of existence another pre season of unprecedented growth has seen membership increase to nearly 200 players. With this influx, the club has seen it necessary to increase the number of registered teams from 10 last year to 15 this year. That represents a growth of 50%!! This means that the club has grown from its inaugural year when we had 3 senior team and 2 junior sides to 7 senior men’s sides, 2 senior ladies sides and 6 junior sides including representation in all age groups. We have introduced a second turf side in the men’s grades to provide depth to the top men’s side as well as forming a second senior ladies side. With 4 grass sides and an O/50 team this year we have catered for all levels of playing ability.


Pre season training began way back in February with the Myalup camp. A full report on Myalup will appear in the next few weeks. As is traditional for the Hawks we then commence training on Thursdays and Sundays as a slow ramping up as the new season approaches. The club appointed Leighton Keane to the role of senior coach and he takes over from Barry Vanderputt following 2 very successful years at the helm. To give an indication of the value of Barry the club won 2 Byrne & Judge Trophies under his guidance.

Leighton Keane, Lloyd Jones & Barry Vanderputt
Metro 2 gold match report
By Barry Romaro 18/4/2009
Southern River Threes V’s North Coast Raiders
“A Great Start”
Well we found our selves in a different grade with a few new faces but that team spirit that has made us the side that we are was well and truly still there. We started with a bang pushing an equally strong side as hard as we could. Raiders used their physical strength to their advantage on a number of occasions but we quickly adapted to this faster pace of hockey required to play Metro Two.
We scored our first goal through a short corner scramble and our confidence then increased.
Our goal only seemed to awaken the sleeping giant as the raiders stepped up a gear and scored two goals inside five minutes. We were evenly matched but we seemed to find the gaps in attack but we narrowly missed three goals that could have easily gone in. Finally after a very good patch of passing we slotted in our second goal and the first half finished at two all.
We made a few tactical changes for the second half one of those was for Ian to tag the Raiders left inner out of the game as he was ripping us apart in the first half. Ian did a sensational job and the inner did not trouble us in the second half.
We attacked their defense for the entire second half and missed getting a penalty flick and another four or five shots on goal were narrowly saved or missed. Finally we knocked in another goal
With five minute to go and hung on from there to claim our first scalp in the Metro Two grade.
Last but not least thanks very much to the spectators who travelled a vast distance and gave us great encouragement from the sidelines.

Goal Scorers: Barry Romaro 1, Quinton Fraser 1, John Gradisen 1
Best players: Guy wood 3 votes
Quinton Fraser 2 votes
John Gradisen, Barry Romaro 1 vote


Nina Keane has once again volunteered to run her now famous kitchen to provide sustenance to players after training on Thursday nights as well as Saturdays. For a minimal cost you can enjoy culinary delights from all over the world. Special mention to her band of chefs including Debbie Vanderputt, Jenny Jones, Margaret Keane, Jean Coppendale and Mrs Gradisen.

This section will be dedicated to the Junior Hawks.

Special mention to Cindy Heath, John Heath, Dave Vanderputt for generating a fantastic recruitment drive for the junior contingent of the club. Their hard work this year has seen 3 under 11’s, 1 under 13’s 1 under 15’s and the all important under 17’s registered with HockeyWA.

Well done and welcome to all concerned !!


Brian Coppendale has once again volunteered to run the famous Hawks Nest Bar. Brain will place his own article in this section in the upcoming weeks.
Please note- we are now operating a restricted club license for our bar and with that comes a fairly strict set of guidelines and codes. These are put in place by The Liquor & Gaming Department and if not abided by can cost the club a fine and more importantly cancellation of our license. An important one to keep in mind on match days is the “limit of licensed area” signs. These are a condition of our license and NO ALCOHOL is allowed past these points. Please assist Brian in the policing of this condition as the repercussions can be disastrous for our club.

This year we are offering a position on our Back Page for companies or individuals that wish to place a business card in our Hawkeye for a $50 dollar donation. Please see Jean Coppendale if you wish to be included.


This year we have implemented a roster system for assistance with cleaning the clubrooms. Each week a team will be allocated to stay back on Thursday or Saturday night to tidy the rooms and take bins out . Teams need to allocate 2 or 3 people on their rostered night . Your assistance is appreciated and you can help by taking your empty drink bottles and rubbish to a bin on the way out. Our clubrooms are the envy of the hockey fraternity in Perth and we are proud of them. Please help us to keep them clean and tidy.
Refer the notice board at the club and team captains will be tapping you on the shoulder at some stage. Given the number of teams you should only have to help once or twice during the season.

Well that’s about it for this edition. There is lots to write but I will spread it over the next few editions. Please feel free to email any content you wish to publish in the Hawkeye. Match reports are particularly important as we all like to know how teams are going.

Special mention must be made of MM Electrical Armadale branch for their invaluable assistance with the printing and collation of the Hawkeye this season. Please feel free to see me for any electrical products including cable, power points, light switches, globes, circuit breakers and RCD’s.
We are located at Unit 4 No 3 Dickens Place in Armadale. Feel free to drop in and meet Branch Manager Justin Crowder.

Till next time….

Janson Hoskins 0437157556 vicjan1201@bigpond.com